Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recent Reads

Every so often I have three or four books that I've requested from the library that happen to arrive at precisely the same time; that happened this week. Several books for which I've waited literally months all arrive at the same moment and I find myself with three weeks in which to read them. So, I'm in the midst of squeezing in some marathon reading, compounded this time by the fact that these books are due during our upcoming vacation, so I really have to finish them in the next week. I really couldn't request them again and wait! :) Here's a quick synopsis of some of what I've been reading recently:

Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel--This book isn't a comprehensive system for child discipline, but it does have some techniques that I've been implementing with our kids with some success. I really appreciated how Welchel indexes Scriptures that apply to various infractions.

Becoming Jane Eyre by Sheila Kohler--Jane Eyre is a favorite of mine and I recently reread it, so this book was a timely read for me. Kohler weaves together biographical information from the lives of the Brontë sisters with her interpretations of how these events may have played into their novels. I loved it!! This book made me want to read the lesser known works of these fascinating sisters.

Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin--We read this book as our most recent book club selection and had an interesting discussion about it. This book tells the story of two brothers with an abusive past who overcome largely because of the prayers and sacrificial love shown them by a black woman who was employed by their father--interesting storyline with sound themes.

Now it's back to the books!!

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