Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Book Review: Ransomed Dreams by Sally John

Sally John's novel, Ransomed Dreams, tells the story of Sheridan Montgomery, the wife of the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela, whose life changes in an instant when an assassin murders her colleague and seriously injures her husband. As Sheridan and Eliot, her husband, attempt to redefine normalcy in the wake of their emotional and physical handicaps, Sheridan's high-profile, politician father dies, triggering further scandal that shakes Sheridan's faith and her relationships.

Although this novel opens with suspense and drama, the heart of the book focuses on the evolution of relationships through different seasons of life and the ways in which faith better equips us to persevere through relational difficulties.  When relationships take the forefront in the novel, the elements of suspense fade, only to reappear later in moments of heightened drama, making the pace of the novel a bit uneven.  I did, however, think that John tackles some interesting issues about marriage and commitment, making the book worth the read.

Tyndale provided me with a copy of this book for review purposes, but the opinions expressed are mine.  

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